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Folding mini fogão de gás caminhadas

Tempo de entrega: 30 dias

Informação básica

Modelo: STO0062

Descrição do produto


Folding mini gas hiking stove

hiking stove description: 

1.Pretty small size, Only 50g, light and easy to carry even with on hand. 


2.Powerful stove,thermal power up to 2.3kw. Wide heating range, heat up quickly and evenly.


3.1L of wather needs only 5 mins to boil out. 


4.Adopt the latest valve model. Valve body and gas clinder integrated design. same size of flame on each side of the burner, more gas-saving and safer useage.


5.designed working life span>= 800 hours.


6.Foldable bracket, can be applied to pots of different sizes.



hiking stove specification:


1.Material: stainless steel+aluminium 


2.Extended the product size: 70*70mm


3.Folded product size: 30*50mm


4.Net weight: About 53g ,box wight 120g


5.Packaging: plastic hard box +carton


6.Use: camping, mountaineering, exploration, travel, expedition, household, fishing


7.Power: 126g/h-2.3kw size: 9.5*9*12.5cm


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Grupo de Produto : Fogões de acampamento